Party Planners Plus....Wedding & Event Planner - After all, it's your day, shouldn't it be your way
Let me answer a few Questions for you....
This list of Q & A was put together by brides and grooms just like you
Where and When did you open Party Planners Plus?
Deciding to give birth to this wonderful job happened in October of 2007. The company is like my baby, watching the baby steps turn into a company that I am very proud to put my name on. I opened in Hilliard Ohio from my home based office and then in 2010 moved to an office at 4974 Scioto Darby Rd, Suite G 43026
What can you offer a Bride and Groom that other Planners do not?
This is a tough question, but one I get asked a lot about. First and foremost remember that every Planner can say they offer you the world, but remember we are competing for your business. What I hope a bride and groom take away from me at their very first consultation is a feeling of relief. Knowing that I will be with you from the beginning to the end.
Do you offer a Free Consultation?
My first consultation is 100% free.
What goes on the first time we meet in person?
Even before we meet for the first time, chances are we have either emailed each other or spoke on the phone about what you need and want me to do. I already have an idea of the type of wedding you envision along with your budget. When you register online I like to ask these questions in your contact form. I also will email you a Questionnaire asking specific questions about your wedding. Don't worry, if you do not know yet, no will. My goal is to have you confident in choosing Party Planners Plus. Chatting over a cup of coffee and getting you to open up about your wedding plans is key to us becoming great friends throughout your wedding planning process.
What if I need more time to decide if Party Planners Plus is the right choice for us?
Not a problem. Once we meet and you decide you want some time to talk it over with everyone, I give a 72 hour hold on your date. This secures your date for 3 days. After that, of course I will have to release the date for another bride and groom. I realize everyone gets busy, myself included so I will email you after 48 hours just to check in.
Do you request a retainer/deposit at our first meeting?
Good question....only if you decide at that time you are ready to work together.
How does the Retainer/Deposit work and what forms of payment do you accept?
Once you decide you want to work with Party Planners Plus, we start going through the contract together filling in names, addresses, responsible party,date and number of guest. You will decide how you want your payments to be. If you will be taking advantage of our No Interest Payment Plan then your retainer/deposit will be your first months payment...brides love this option. When I have all the information a retainer/deposit is paid. We accept, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express through Square or if you would rather pay through PayPal that is fine to. We also accept cash, checks and money orders.
Does my wedding have to be the way you want it?
Never! Your wedding is yours to plan, I simply am there to help and guide you in the right direction. I listen to your ideas and what you want your guest to take away from your big event. Afterwards, I reach out to some of the best Professionals for you to meet with such as venues, florist, photographers, caterers, invitations and of course yummy cake tastings. You maybe very happy with the very first one or you may want to meet more before deciding who to go with. Together you and I will put a team together that suits your vision, style and budget. I love having what I call a Professional Vendors Day. Meeting most or all of your vendors at my office really saves you time and frustration. Sunday's work great for this.
What happens if my date has to change?
If something happens your date has to change, I will do my best to accommodate the new date. As long as it is available or one of my Assistants are available.
You mentioned Assistants, who will be my Planner or DOC?
Party Planners Plus does have Assistants to help with weddings. I will always be your primary Wedding Planner/Coordinator. Unless I already have the date scheduled. If this were the case I would have you sit down with another Planner and go from there. Just so you know....I never plan more than one wedding per weekend. I only like to schedule 2 to 3 weddings per month. This allows me the time to dedicate to each bride.
How do I schedule my Free Consultation?
Go to and click on the Contact button at the side. Also, feel free to call 614.394.7344 or email me directly at or